Annual pension provision

Annual pension provision

Your client’s pension scheme is self-administered. In order to amass sufficient pension capital, they need to include a provision against current rates on their company’s annual balance sheet. We can assist you by calculating the exact amount of money required.

Our working method in 3 steps

  1. Have a free inventory and introductory meeting, without obligation.
  2. Calculate your annual provision.
  3. Provide advice and aftercare.


NSL operates on the basis of mutual trust. Without trust we would not be able to provide appropriate advice for you. Therefore both sides can decide to stop the advice process after each step described above.


We are independent and will not be paid by the pension insurance company, industry pension fund or bank. We charge you for every step in the process at a fixed price for every hour we spend on it. If you would like to make use of our service we will set up a contract including a specification of the required hours.